About Me

This photograph is from September 24, 2016.  I like this photo because my hair line and scalp are not visible from this angle.  But this photo has more significance to me than that.  It marks the day I decided I need to do something about my hair loss.

I remember the day perfectly, not because I was a bridesmaid in my best friends wedding, but because that was a pivotal moment in my hair loss journey.  I can recall the memory so clearly, the hair stylist asked the makeup artist for brown eyeshadow to cover up my bald spots with everyone, all eight other bridesmaids and the bride's family, in the room. I was embarrassed and held back tears. 

The days that followed I spent hours on the web searching for the best hair loss solution.  I found very few websites for women like me so I created this website to help other women who are experiencing hereditary hair loss.  To share my story, my experiences and my trials and errors with different products.  I want to create a community where we don't feel shame and we can celebrate our beautiful selves.



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