EXT Extreme Hair Therapy - Strand Builder

EXT Extreme Hair Therapy Strand Builder was recommended to me by my stylist to cover up the thinning areas of my scalp. I had never heard of hair fibers before this, but I thought why not give it a go and see how much this bad boy actually works.

The product is made with 100% natural keratin fibers which are meant to rebuild your hair making it appear thicker. If you are anything like me, you are probably wondering what the hell keratin is. Check out Keratin - Wikipedia if you want to learn more. I could be totally wrong, but it sounds like natural keratin fibers could mean that you are applying the skin, hooves, hair or other parts of an animal to your head. I would have assumed this product wasn't vegan friendly (not that I am vegan) but the ingredients are listed as Plant fibers, so lets assume that it is and what I mentioned above about the hooves and skin doesn't apply here.

As recommended by my stylist at Hair Club, I went with the colour brown. The product comes in a variety of shades and colours so you would have no problem matching it to your own head. Looking back now though, I think I would have got the dark brown as it is a little too light for my hair colour.

After drying and styling my hair I applied the product lightly by tapping the bottle so only a little comes out each time. You can put it directly on your part but my stylist recommended sectioning off small parts and applying it that way. After I applied it, I patted it down and sprayed some hairspray to keep it in place. Looks great and can't even notice that its in there. It does cover up the thin areas and I am quite happy with the results. The first night I used it, I even got a compliment from a friend that my hair looks great, which speaks volumes because she said it after I had leaned forward and she could see the crown of my head, not that she was aware of my thinning hair or that I had applied the fibers.

If you are using Minoxidil or any other topical hair solution, such as Rogaine, I recommend putting the solution in first and allowing it to dry before applying the fibers. They tend to clump a little when wet.

Also note that this stuff gets everywhere. It is easy to clean up but its all over the sink but you can simply rinse out the sink and they are gone. I have seen other fiber products that come with a spray nozzle that you can attach to the bottle, I imagine that would make it easier to apply.

I will post a video of me applying the product soon, so stay tuned.

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