She Got It From Her Mama

Growing up, I never noticed my mom had thinning hair. It just never really occurred to me. I grew up in a household where no one talked about beauty, or fashion or hairstyles. There was no reference to dieting or any negative self talk about body image, which as an adult I am truly thankful for.

I think the first time my attention was really drawn to it, was when an ex boyfriend made a comment about it. It hurt me deeply and really changed how I thought about myself at the time as I knew this was also my fate.

My maternal grandmother wore a wig. I remember my mom and aunts sitting around reminiscing after her death about a time when she took off her wig and put it on top of the lamp shade. The heat from the light bulb was rising into the wig and it started to smoke. I am not sure how old she was when she started to wear a wig. I wish she was still around today to talk to me about her struggles with hair loss.

I love my mom and all the traits I have inherited from her, even my hair.

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