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Hairmax Laser Comb

When I first started taking action for my hair loss, I was introduced to a hair laser device. I had never heard of such as thing but after doing some research I chose the HairMax Ultima 12 Laser Hair Growth Device because it had the cheapest price point, great reviews and in my opinion, the biggest bang for my buck. I purchased it from a salon but your best and cheapest option would be ordering it online, or even trying to find a used one.

I started by using the product every three days as instructed, for 8 minutes each time. Since I had spent so much damn money on the thing I was motivated to use it. I started seeing results. My hair was getting thicker but also growing extremely fast. The baby hairs on my forehead were the first thing to grow in. I was impressed by how well this product actually works if you use it. I have more density and my hair is thicker and longer without a doubt. This product was definitely worth every penny.

As time wears on and life gets busy, it is easy to forget to make time to use the laser. Sometimes I go a couple days without remembering and other times I do it daily. I would say, the more you use it,the better results you will have.

This is a must have product if you are experiencing hair loss. It was worth every penny. If money is tight, you could do your research online and see if you can find someone selling a used one.

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