Monat – if you haven’t heard about it yet, you probably don’t have social media, you probably aren’t female, you likely aren’t losing your hair and you definitely do not have friends trying to make a buck while on maternity leave hounding their friends to buy it.

I have been curious about trying Monat for a while. A few reps reached out to me but I always said it wasn’t for me. Finally, I caved and was sent a few samples from the very generous Carrie. She gave me a ton of information and when the sample packaging arrival in the mail and I was excited as ever – who doesn’t love getting mail that isn’t bills!

I sampled Revive Shampoo and Revitalize Conditioner, said to help increase hair density, strength and manageability and believe me it does do all that! It also adds a ton of volume and it smells AMAZING.

The sample was the perfect amount of shampoo and conditioner…don’t you hate it when there isn’t enough conditioner, or when there is too much of both products and you end up saving the little packages in your shower for your next shampoo and they just end up all dripping out of the package onto your shower shelves causing a mess for you to clean up.

Anyways, I must say, my hair felt amazing after. It was soft, shiny and the at home blow out I did myself was unmatchable. I straightened my hair and it was bouncy and full and appeared noticeably thicker.

The only downfall is the amount of hair I shed in the shower and after brushing (I used a wide tooth comb). I lost way more hair then I ever have using my regular SURETHIK products.

Pro: Amazing soft, full, thicker looking hair that shines and styles with ease and zero frizz.

Con: Losing that much hair from one application. Internet trolls who constantly message you trying to sell you Monat.

So, what’s my conclusion on Monat? My guess is that works best for women with post partum hair loss, not for androgenetic alopecia or female pattern hair loss.

Would I use it again? Yes, but only on special occasions when I want my hair to look amazing that day. I couldn’t risk losing that much hair during one wash on the regular.

What are your thoughts on Monat? Love it or leave it?

If you are interested in Monat, want to learn more, or want to request a sample, reach out to Carrie. She is amazing and will help you find the best line of Monat products for your hair type. You can find her on Facebook or Instagram.

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