The Rise of The Topper

I dubbed 2018 as the Year of the Topper for three reasons:

1. 2018 was when I first learnt about hair toppers and first learnt that these little miracles even existed.

2. This is the year when I splurged and purchased my first piece.

3. My first time ever wearing a hair topper was in 2018.

What a life changing year 2018 has been!

If you are new to hair toppers, like I am, you are not alone. Most people I mention the word "hair topper" to have no freaking clue what I am talking about.

So I did a little research to see how popular hair toppers are becoming and let me tell you, hair toppers are on the rise. The stats speak for themselves.

I went to Google Trends and typed in "Hair Topper". The graph below shows an increase in google searches for hair toppers over time.

The image below shows the interest in hair toppers, or google searches for hair toppers, by country. You can see the popularity of hair toppers in North America and Australia.

In the United States, Califorina, Texas and Florida (in that order) have the highest searches for Hair Toppers.

I also looked up Australia by region but unfortuntely there isn't enough data to show the results yet, see below.

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