Guest Post from Kim at Lusta Hair

Hi! I’m Kimberly, the founder of Lusta Hair. Our mission is to change the

narrative for women all over the world experiencing hair loss. I know what

you’re thinking, this is easier said than done, right? 

Growing up, I had very thick hair. I was young, self-assured, and very social! Naturally, I was a very confident person. Then one day, when I was 19, I

went to blow dry my hair and looked in the mirror. I noticed something very different... Half of my hair was gone. Sure, I had noticed strands of hair

fall out, but I never thought twice about it. I remember running my fingers through my hair, and it no longer felt soft and hydrated like it once was.

Hearing my mum say the words ‘it looks like you have androgenic alopecia’ made me feel powerless. My hair loss was real now that it had a

name. So, what did I do?

Over the next couple of years, I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on treatments to try and grow my hair back. PRP Injections, Minoxidil, Laser

Therapy – I tried everything! And don’t get me started on those home remedies... pouring rosemary oil and onion juice on my scalp everyday made me feel like a walking veggie patch (eeek). That confident, fun-

loving girl I once was seemed to dissipate. Instead, I became obsessed with finding a solution. I stopped spending time socialising, being active and going outside.

For a while, wearing hair extensions was a solution. Of course, when I lost even more hair at the front of my scalp, this no longer gave me enough

coverage. These ‘solutions’ may have worked for some, but for my Androgenic Alopecia, these things just gave me false hope. Once again,

I was back to the drawing board. My search history was filled with so many hair loss questions. During one of my manic hair loss research sessions, I

found an ad for something called ‘hair toppers’. I was sceptical at first. Is this going to look realistic? Does it cause further hair loss? So, I made an

appointment at my local wig shop and tried on my first topper. In this moment, I could not believe how brilliant a topper was! It was like wearing

extensions without the heavy-weight or strain on my hair. And, it didn’t just add length, I had a full head of hair. Finally, a solution that gave me volume and disguised my sparse, thinning spots!

When I started wearing toppers, they were unheard of. I saw all these women in hair loss groups looking for a solution, whilst I was there feeling like I was sitting on the world’s best-kept secret. I HAD to get the word out.

That’s why I founded Lusta Hair... To save every woman from letting hair loss hold them back from doing the things they love. Life is way too short, and we deserve much more than that.

So here we are. 3 years later. Lusta Hair is now a global brand with clients all over the world. We chat with hundreds of women every day and guide

them through the topper or wig-purchasing process. And it’s not just a product, it’s a movement. We’re normalising female hair loss (which affects 50% of women) and wearing hair. We’re creating a community of women that are taking back their confidence and finding a real solution for hair loss. Although hair loss still affects me, toppers have made me think about

my hair loss a lot less and I owe it to toppers for getting me to a place where I feel confident, with and without the extra hair. 

Wearing toppers, or wigs, is no longer a ‘taboo’. They’re a real solution that works and can be a game-changer when it comes to hair loss. After so

many years and so much money spent on products that just don’t work, I couldn’t be more grateful for toppers. If you’ve been on the fence about

whether wearing alternative hair is right for you, we’d LOVE to chat with you. 

Book your time here, we can’t wait to meet you! 

Lots of love, Kimberly xx

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