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My Hate for Hats

Hats...if I am being honest, I hate them! First of all, because I have a big, fat, round face so hats just look horrible on me. Second of all, I have curly hair, so my hair doesn't just fall flat, it just poofs out where the hat ends. Thirdly, they are hot and if you have been wearing a hat all day and then take it off, your left with the most awful looking hair on the planet.

The only time I do enjoy wearing a hat, is when I am running. This is probably going to sound nuts, but I like wearing a hat when I am running because it covers my hair - not because it keeps it out of my face. If you have thinning hair you know what I am talking about, if you don't, let me explain. When my hair is dry it looks relatively full. When it is wet, from water or sweat, it looks incredibly thin. You can visibly see my scalp. My hair is stuck to my head and its lying there all flat and lifeless. It is embarrassing, and no one needs to be staring at that. Hence my love for hats when I exercise (which is pretty rare these days).

But spring is here and summer is just around the corner so that means that wearing a hat is sometimes necessary for sun protection. As my hair thins out more and more each year, the more open I am to wearing hats to protect my pretty little head from getting burnt.

So with that being said, here are my Top Five Hats for Summer under $25 and all from Nordstorm Rack. Which one will you be wearing?

1. SAN DIEGO HAT Flamingo Sun Hat

SAN DIEGO HAT Flamingo Sun Hat

2. Nordstrom Rack Mixed Stripe Wide Floppy Hat

Nordstrom Rack Mixed Stripe Wide Floppy Hat

3. Free PressKnit Baseball Cap

Free Press Knit Baseball Cap

4. Vince CamutoPanama Hat

Vince Camuto Panama Hat

5. 14th & UnionColorblock Panama Fedora

14th & Union Colorblock Panama Fedora

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