Showered with Embarrassment

I have been a solo-dweller for about five years now and let me tell you, living alone is great! No one is here to judge me for eating an entire family size pizza on a hungover Sunday afternoon; I can go to the bathroom without shutting the door; I can fart at my own leisure and enjoy a no pants party whenever the feeling strikes me!

One other benefit of living alone is not having to share a shower with ANYONE. I never have to worry about unclogging the drain when my showers turn into lakes at the bottom of the tub. I can leave a wall of hair on the shower tiles if I please and I can put all the products I want in the shower without judgement and as a woman with thinning hair I love that!

But recently that all changed. I started seeing someone seriously and he is always over, and he showers here! Sharing a shower with a man is the worst if you have thinning hair, especially if you don’t openly talk about it.

The first time he showered here, I made a mad dash for the bathroom before he could get in there. I tossed all my thinning hair shampoos and conditioners under the bathroom sink as fast as I could. I didn’t want him to know my secret but eventually hiding and unhiding my products was getting exhausting and I started slipping. He started using them, reading the labels and asking me why I had thinning hair shampoo. (Side note: he has the fullest head of blonde hair you have ever seen – so jealous!)

There were so many times when I would get into the shower, get wet and then realize all my products were hidden under the sink and I would have to step out, soaking wet, and grab them. I decided I needed to either come clean with my thinning hair secret or find a solution. So, I took the cowardly way out and figured out a solution to the problem – PUMP DISPENSERS!

I took my ass to Homesense and found these beauties and filled them up with my hair loss products and he was none the wiser!

Problem solved. Although he has asked a few times when kind of shampoo is in them because he feels the tingling sensation of the menthol or whatever is in the shampoo that awakens those dying hair follicles up to regrow!

However, after all this went down I was introduced to SURETHIK Cleanser and Boost. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see in my stories that I love a hair loss product with labels that don’t scream “I’M GOING BALD”. I can proudly leave those sleek SURETHIK bottles in my shower line up now without shame. You can also read my review on SURETHIK, maybe it can help you to not to be showered with embarrassment too! 😊

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