I recently fell in love with the SURETHIK CLEANSER and SURETHIK BOOST. This shampoo and conditioner combo is now a regular in my haircare routine and one of my top 5 products for thinning hair. Here are the reasons why I love these products:


  • THE TINGLE!! When you apply the shampoo and conditioner it's almost like you can feel it going to work. It tingles the scalp which leaves your head feeling energized and alive. It is a real wake-me-up in the morning! As someone who isn't a morning person, this product makes you feel like you can take on the day!

  • THE PACKAGING!! I love the sleek look of the bottles on my bathroom shelf. I always feel self-conscious having hair loss products in my bathroom but nowhere on the front of the bottles does it scream "I'M GOING BALD".

  • SULFATE-FREE!! The cleanser is sulfate free which means it is great for my frizzy, curly hair and doesn't strip the hair of moisture like other shampoos can.

  • PARABEN-FREE!! The conditioner is paraben free meaning it is free from preservatives known to be harmful to your health.

  • NOTICEABLY THICKER HAIR!! After using the cleanser and the boost, even after my first wash, I noticed that my hair had a ton more fullness and volume to it.

  • MADE IN CANADA!! I love buying local and supporting Canadian companies.

  • ROOT-TO-TIP!! The boost conditioner is applied root to tip without leaving your hair greasy at the roots!

  • $10 OFF!! If you use the promo code HAIREDITARY you can get $10 off your purchase! Who doesn't love a good deal?!

  • SMELLS GREAT!! The product left my hair smelling lovely, so much so, that my boyfriend even commented after the first time I used it!

  • CONTEST ALERT!! SURETHIK is currently running a contest. The winner receives a $100 SURETHIK gift card. To enter the contest simply take a before and after photo or video using any one of their products then share it via social media or email them directly. Check out the SURETHIK website for more information!!

  • VERY LITTLE SHEDDING!! After washing, conditioning and rinsing there is next to no shedding in the shower which makes me happy as I can spend less time unclogging the drain!!


  • It's not sold in stores, only online.

  • My boyfriend tested it out but he wasn't a fan...likely because he has a full head of thick blonde locks. Also, this specific line is meant for women. I will have to get him to test out the men's line of hair products from SURETHIK in the future!

  • The bottles are 250ml, so a little on the small side. Perhaps SURETHIK will come out with a larger version in the near future so we can get a bigger bang for our buck by buying it in bulk!

Let me know if you have tried SURETHIK and what you think!! Email me your comments or questions!

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